Spatial variability

Quantifying the effects of varietal types × management on the spatial variability of sorghum biomass across US environments

Main drivers of sorghum biomass in the USA.

Impact of crop management and environment on the spatio-temporal variance of potato yield at regional scale

We determine and quantify the main drivers of potato yield variability under irrigated conditions.

Radiation use efficiency and its use for a better characterization of ecosystem change syndromes in grasslands


Quantifying the effects of G×E×M on the spatial variability of crop biomass in the US


Implications of data aggregation method on crop model outputs – The case of irrigated potato systems in Tasmania, Australia

We evaluated the difference of yield and irrigation using input/output aggregation.

Modelling inter-annual variation in dry matter yield and precipitation use efficiency of perennial pastures and annual forage crops sequences

We compared two forage landcovers, the sequence oats-maize and pure alfalfa across a mean annual precipitation gradient.