University of Southern Queensland

University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, QLD, Australia


15 Dec - 21 Dec 2019


We conducted a workshop under our CRC soil project in Brisbane. During this meeting, we discussed current advances in model development on phosphorus and soil water dynamics. We also set up the main modeling priorities with farming group representatives. After this meeting, I was intensively working with Dr. Pembleton and Ms. Lai on the model calibration using national and international datasets. In collaboration with Dr. Volenec and Brouder (Purdue University) we started the model calibration using lucerne as the main case study. The next steps of this project are the update of the P submodel in the APSIM-Wheat model and to parametrize APSIM Next Generation to model N dynamics in SugarCane systems.


Current development of a Phosphorus model in APSIM Classic for lucerne under Australian and US environments

Host Researchers

Dr Keith Pembleton and Ms Chloe Lai

Funded by

CRC for High Performance Soils Ltd. Australia

Jonathan Ojeda (Jony)
Crop Ecophysiologist - Cropping Systems Modeller - Data Scientist

I use crop models to understand GxExM interactions and quantify sources of uncertainties in agricultural predictions.