University of Entre Rios

APSIM Advanced Training Workshop, Oro Verde, Argentina


31 Jul - 2 Aug 2019


Dr. Octavio Caviglia and I conducted a 3-day advanced modeling workshop at the National University of Entre Rios. This workshop aimed to introduce the basics to run APSIM using real case studies from Argentina. The workshop included more than 15 participants (graduate and postgraduate students and INTA researchers). The main topics addressed were:

  • Introduction to crop simulation models, modeling phases, spatial and temporal scales, statistical analyses.
  • Model complexity, model parameterization, and evaluation, sensitivity analysis and model intercomparison e.g. APSIM vs. others biophysical models such as DSSAT, STICS.
  • Minimum data requirements for model simulation.
  • Modelling single crops, crop sequences, and long-term rotations. Factorials and scenario analysis.


Initial discussions about future collaborations and PhD student interchange between organisations

Host Researchers

Dr Octavio Caviglia

Funded by

National University of Entre Rios

Jonathan Ojeda (Jony)
Agro-ecosystems Modeler with focus on CDR - Scientific Founder Terradot

I use crop models to understand GxExM interactions and quantify sources of uncertainties in agricultural predictions.