Model upscaling

Quantifying the effects of varietal types × management on the spatial variability of sorghum biomass across US environments

Main drivers of sorghum biomass in the USA.

Radiation use efficiency and its use for a better characterization of ecosystem change syndromes in grasslands


The role of biological nitrogen fixation on crop productivity, nitrogen use efficiency and nitrous oxide emissions in reconfigured crop rotations. Quantification at different spatio-temporal scales

Daian Francia Laurenzo

Quantifying the effects of G×E×M on the spatial variability of crop biomass in the US



2020 - Visiting Researcher

Effects of soil- and climate data aggregation on simulated potato yield and irrigation water requirement

We quantify the data aggregation effects on potato yield and irrigation requirements.

University of Gottingen

2019 - Visiting Researcher

Wageningen University, University of Gottingen and ZALF

2018 - Course Assistant and Visiting Researcher