Estimation of aboveground biomass of a megathermic pasture (Setaria sphacelata) based on process-based crop models with different structure

Pablo Barbera

Linking remote sensing and crop models to estimate the aboveground biomass of annual and perennial forage crops

Facundo Della Nave

Modelling inter-annual variation in dry matter yield and precipitation use efficiency of perennial pastures and annual forage crops sequences

We compared two forage landcovers, the sequence oats-maize and pure alfalfa across a mean annual precipitation gradient.

Evaluation of the agricultural production systems simulator simulating Lucerne and annual ryegrass dry matter yield in the Argentine Pampas and south-eastern Australia

We evaluated the capacity of APSIM to simulate the growth rates and predict the dry matter yield of Lucerne (_Medicago sativa_ L.) and annual ryegrass (_Lolium multiflorum_ Lam.) in contrasting climatic regions of Argentina and Australia.