Rwanda & Kenya

Rwanda and Kenya


4 Dec - 16 Dec 2022


From 4 to 16 of December 2022 part of the Niche team (Dr Grassini and Aramburu Merlos from UNL and Dr Ojeda from Regrow) visited the 1AF partners in Rwanda and Kenya. During this trip we:

  • Visit the Niche trials in western region and northeast region.
  • Meet the 1AF Rwanda team and visit 1AF Karongi Research Station to discuss trial protocols.
  • Discuss project results with farmers in Nyagatare (Eastern Province).
  • Meet Dr Claver from the Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB).
  • Visit to the Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture (RICA) and meeting with the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Extension and Research (Dr Richard B. Ferguson and Dr Magnifique Nzaramba)
  • Visit to two farms and 1AF research station in Kakamega region (Western Kenya).
  • Visit the 1AF offices in Nairobi and meet Alex Sananka from 1AF Global Data Team and the 1AF Director of Innovations (Hepsiba Chepngeno).
  • Meet the breeding team at the University of Nairobi led by Dr Felister Mbute Nzuve.
  • Meet breeders [Cheusi Mutawila (Africa Field Testing Lead at Bayer Crop Science) and Jamlick Mwathi (Sub Saharan Africa Testing Manager)] at the Bayer Africa East Headquarters, Ruaraka, Nairobi Kenya.


Create a network of stakeholders which will be potential end-users of the Niche tool.

Host Researchers

Dr Nester Mashingaidze (1AF)

Funded by

B&M Gates Foundation

Jonathan Ojeda (Jony)
Crop Ecophysiologist - Cropping Systems Modeller - Data Scientist

I use crop models to understand GxExM interactions and quantify sources of uncertainties in agricultural predictions.