Heidi Webber

Head of Integrated Crop System Analysis Group

Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research

Dr. Webber is the leader of the integrated crop system analysis group at the Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research. She develops modelling approaches to assess crop response to climate and abiotic stressors. Her research portfolio is focused on integrated biophysical, economic and policy assessments in diverse cropping systems.

Dr. Ojeda and Dr. Webber are collaborating on a joint research project between German and Australian organizations UA-DAAD. This project focuses on the analysis of climatic and non-climatic factors of yield variability in irrigated cropping systems.


  • Modelling crop stress responses
  • Soil and water conservation in cropping systems
  • Develop modelling approaches
  • Integrated biophysical, economic and policy assessment


  • PhD, Agricultural Engineering, 2008

    McGill University, Québec, Canada

  • BScA, Agricultural Engineering, 2003

    McGill University, Québec, Canada

  • BSc, Physics, Acadia University, Canada, 1995

    Acadia University, Canada